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The world of football and a prison. What two different worlds and how easily many footballers end up behind bars for bad advice or their bad head. Some like Diego Armando Maradona stopped going to their beloved Italy to avoid prison, others nevertheless religiously served their sentence. Lucas Hernández has been the last to appear on a list that has many illustrious unexpected guests. We analyze these names below:


One of the most recent and notorious cases was the imprisonment of Ronaldinho in Paraguay. The Brazilian star appeared with his brother Roberto in the country with false passports and celebrated his 40th birthday behind bars. The prisoners assured that the pachangas that they threw in prison with Dinho were the best thing that had happened to them in their lives.


The mythical Colombian goalkeeper of the 90s had a close relationship with Pablo Escobar and of course, that always splashes on you somewhere. He went straight to jail in 1993 due to his involvement in the kidnapping and subsequent release of the daughter of a close friend. He spent six months in prison and missed the World Cup in the United States. He would return to the playing fields with his mythical Scorpion.


The Real Madrid forward was arrested in Sao Paulo in 2007 by Interpol, accused of laundering money for a drug gang. The Colombian spent a good time in jail, despite the fact that the crimes attributed to him were never proven. Not surprisingly, after spending a season behind bars, he was encouraged to return to professional football at the age of 46.


This Brazilian made a fearsome pair with Romario at the end of the 90s in Brazil in the ranks of Vasco de Gama. The striker, who tried his luck in Europe with Fiorentina and Naples, was sentenced to four years in prison for running over and killing three people during the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 1995. Edmundo was completely drunk that night, but he was lucky enough to having good friends in politics to barely spend a day in prison after that.


This forward who played the 1994 World Cup with Spain was imprisoned for a case similar to Lucas Hernández, since he was convicted in 2015 of mistreatment after admitting his guilt in everything. The player retired in 2007 admitting that he suffered from bipolar disorder. He triumphed with Tenerife and Zaragoza, always being a nightmare for Real Madrid. He has two Copa del Rey titles.


In the movie Torrente 4, a game is recreated in prison between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid with Sergio Ramos, Arbeloa, Agüero or Higuain as the protagonists. Previously, footballers such as Fernando Torres or Cesc Fabregas had participated in the saga.

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